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Really spliting hairs and reaching

What you describe are class abilities we all hope people know how to use successfully.

I been playing MMORPGs for 20+ years now and CC has ALWAYS been a term used exclusively on longer duration mez/stun/root type spells, not short duration.

Whens the last time you heard someone say

"Hey you go CC that Mob while I CC this mob"
and then you both go and knock Back said mobs
if you say more then zero time, I think your telling untrue stories

CC means long duration movement imparing abilities

Probably always will mean such.
Not really, don't know what games you've played but in ye olde days of Everquest, CC to a shdowknight also meant non-damage aggro abilities ("hate" spells). In its simplest terms, Crowd control is anything that controls the behavior of one or more NPCs. People may commonly use it to refer to a 60 sec duration stun nowadays, but given how many people misuse acronyms like PST I don't put much credence into modern usage.