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12.31.2012 , 04:02 AM | #16
if you aren't making 50k-100k+ a day crafting, you are doing it wrong.

you know there are more things to craft than 47-50 gear right? the gtn is almost empty of good 10-40 items. don't believe me? how many purple enhancements you see in the 20-40 range? earpieces? mods? offhands? 5-6 augment slot kits i can't keep in stock. I have to make my own leveling gear, because it's never on the gtn. i'm still making tons of money. granted, it's not the super cash flow it was 6 months ago. and yes, the cartel store selling crafted items and the insane use of Stabilizers certainly sucks, but the market is still there and you can still make a good living off it.
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