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Really spliting hairs and reaching

What you describe are class abilities we all hope people know how to use successfully.

I been playing MMORPGs for 20+ years now and CC has ALWAYS been a term used exclusively on longer duration mez/stun/root type spells, not short duration.

Whens the last time you heard someone say

"Hey you go CC that Mob while I CC this mob"
and then you both go and knock Back said mobs
if you say more then zero time, I think your telling untrue stories

CC means long duration movement imparing abilities

Probably always will mean such.
This. I've grouped/raided enough to say the same. CC is always long-term incapacitators, rather then a 2 second/4 second immobilizer. Those short terms are more for when you're overwhelmed and need a hand quick. Knock back, short stun, finish off one while the other recovers. CC in instances means - keep the most dangerous one immobilized for a minute or something, refresh as needed (key feature of CC at higher levels) - kill off the other 4 or 5, then come back to him - unless some idiot uses an AOE or decides he can solo it before then. Or - the ******* tab-target doesn't REALLY switch and whoever put the CC on hits it with something and breaks it - lol. Seen that happen too, and had it happen to me more than once here already. Annoying to say the least.