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The Soa link is that the Empire freed Soa whilst freeing the Dread Masters. Remember how we/they bombed the crap out of Belsavis when we started our invasion? Yeah, that compromised Soa's prison, the Eternity Vault.

So basically,

1. Bombing Run which damaged EV
2. Imperial Belsavis Planet Series = Free DMs
3. EV = beat Soa before he escapes from his prison
4. KP = Karagga attacks because DMs drive people in Hutt space crazy making him think he's being invaded (he is, but by the DMs, not the Empire/Republic).
5. EC = DMs take control of Kephess and Imperial forces on Denova, we kill Kephess
6. TFB = DMs try to acquire a "giant tentacle monster". We kill Kephess (again) and then kill said monster.
7. Section X = We get an HK-51 and stop DMs from using Aurora Cannon
8a. S&C = DMs convince Hutts to ally with them and raise an army which we will destroy (on Varl)
8b. Varl Dailies = some anti-Hutt related stuff
9a. Rakata Prime/Lethon Dailies = probably similar to section X dailies
9b. Dread Masters = we finally kill those annoying traitors and then proceed to new content (Revan please please please)
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