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12.31.2012 , 01:36 AM | #28
I'm a Jugg and I used all of them. Well, Vette of course until I got Quinn, Quinn until I got Jaesa, Jaesa until I got Pierce - but not because he is so useful (the beginning was quite painful; he sucks so much and I frigging hate ranged tanks) but rather because I wanted his affection up and now I hit 50 and used Broonmark for a few quests just now because I gave him all my old gear and yeah.. I still don't know which one I'll use for the dailies.. well, probably Quinn I guess, but I really really really hate and even the asian recostumization doesn't help. I wish I could just turn his voice of and subtitles so I would never have to be bothered with him and his personality, gosh. But, yeah. Vette is fun, but kinda crappy after you get other companions. Jaesa is totally cool and two DPS is fun but really squishy, Pierce isn't really that good, but you can manage if you really want and Broonmark.. eh? I don't think it can be good using a tank who has much less HP than you have.