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I may be the exception, but I did the entire sith warrior storyline solo without using Quinn at all for combat. I did most of Act 1 and 2 with Vette, and most of Act 3 with Pierce. Pierce worked fairly all right but was kind of too fragile for the tougher bosses. I never used Broonmark (I seriously don't know a SW who does, ever) and Jaesa was only rarely used.

M1-4X is absolutely hilarious in combat. Seriously, he shouts things like "As always, there is no option but absolute victory!" and "Such is the fate of those who oppose galactic liberty!" and such. He's best for duoing though.

The only smuggler companion I never used was Akaavi. Guss is by far my favorite, less because he's a healer and more because he's hilarious.

On the sorcerer I never used anyone except Khem Val. Ashaera Zavros would be booted off my ship if I could. She hates everything I give her.