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you can have 2 separate talent specs for pve/pvp if you dont mind respeccing all the time
or you can get away (esp as a fresh 50 and jsut starting to get your better gear) a hybrid pve/pvp which can suit both functions for a bit until other players want you to really min/max as you start the more difficult content

stick with your recruit pvp gear and add your better gear to this as you advance
dont forget to get your red shard matrix cube either-- this tends to keep the pve party poopers off your case as you explain you are just getting started on your gear progression
No, that would probably annoy me a lot.

Uh, matrix cube? What's that?

Quote: Originally Posted by z-monty View Post
For new 50's gear, it's really just about getting whatever boosts your stats more. Most of the time the Recruit gear you get free can replace a lot of the gear you have when you just hit 50, so feel free to use it for both PvP and PvE.

You can definitely take Recruit gear into early HMs, but do try to swap it out once you start getting Columi gear and getting into harder HMs. That said, try not to take Tionese or Coumi into PvP if you can avoid it. The Expertise really does help, although there are times when it's hard to deny that replacing a Recruit gear with Coumi wont help you out better.

For the early HMs, using the gear you have just as you hit 50 mixed with the Recruit gear you get for free is perfectly fine. By 'early HMs' though, try to just do the very early ones like Black Talon and Boarding Party. Once you get the Columi drops from those two, then you can start moving into the other HMs.

As for certain specs, I suppose it would depend if you are a subscriber or not, since if you aren't then respeccing all the time would cost you a lot. I'm not sure how it works with a DPS Jugg, but there are usually skills in the skill tree that generally work better in PvP than PvE (an example might be adding a speed reduction to an attack, something that doesn't help in PvE since most bosses are immune to that but in PvP can be quite useful). I would suggest going to the Jugg part of the forums and asking how people who PvP set their spec. Sometimes it can be just a simple moving of two or so skill points to a different ability, and sometimes it can be much more than that. I will say though, that if it isn't a drastic change then you are probably fine with taking a spec that has some PvP skills into PvE combat. For example, my Operative has a few skill points in abilities that reduce the cooldown of a CC, something that really isn't needed in PvE, but as a whole it doesn't to totally break my Op in PvE. Hope this all helps!!
Yeah, I've been reading a bit and know that if you hit a certain expertise number (was it 1200 or 1300?) you could swap some pvp pieces with other gear for the better stats and everything. But that's not an issue yet.

Oh, alright. So I have to do the hardmore FPs for the Columi gear and afaik I'll get BH comms and I should use those to get the.. what was it.. the implants or something which cost like 350 BH comms but are supposed to be BiS?

Yes, I'm a subscriber. Or else I wouldn't really do PvP much with the restriction. And I couldn't even post here, I think.
Yeah, I when I spend my skill points I noticed how some talents may be much more useful for PvP and not so much for PvE; like one thing generates Rage if I'm stunned or something which is probably more useful for PvP since you will get stunned all the time and I guess it's not so bad in PvE. Guess I'm gonna head into the Jugg forum and ask there about the best spec, thanks.