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Honestly, play what you find fun and it will feel less grindy than anything else. Also, certain classes will feel grindier at different points. For example, my Scoundrel healer was a dream to level until about 25, then became really painful until 30 and was easy street after that. My Shadow (well Assassin, still leveling the Shadow again) tank was a pain until about 35 but was a breeze after 40. My Vanguard (again, actually a PT, still leveling the VG) was a breeze to level using Shield Tech until about 30 when it felt really sluggish and then respecced to Pyro and it was a breeze all over again, at low levels, the huge amount of AoE just melts trash pulls so its real fast. My Guardian tank was stoic and slow but never felt tedious. Sniper (Gunslinger mirror) felt pretty clunky early on, but didn't feel grindy at any point.

If you like leaping in and killing stuff: Go Sentinel or Guardian.
If you like shooting thing from afar: Go Gunslinger or Commando
If you like stealth and backstabbing or shotguns to the back of the head: Go Shadow or Scoundrel
If you like casting: Go Sage
If you like shocking things with a taser and hitting them with your rifle: Go Vanguard
If you like healing: Go Sage, Scoundrel or Commando
If you like tanking/being hard to kill: Go Guardian, Vanguard or Shadow

I should add one amendment from above. Scoundrel/Shadow DPS aren't very solo friendly because they need to be behind the target for their big hits and mobs auto rotate to face you. So either run with a tank companion that can taunt or group up. That said, Scoundrel animations are the best in the game IMO (followed closely by Death From Above), nothing matches pulling out a shotgun, placing it to the back of someone's head and blowing their brains out.

Also, in terms of story: Jedi Knight or Smuggler are great. Consular is all diplomacy so it's low action but has a lot of impact on the war overall. I've yet to get my Trooper past Coruscant so I can't comment on that story.
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