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Do you have a character, who has obtained a companion you have yet to even use them in combat... even once?

I am currently on my 33 Vanguard, and only just realised i have yet to see M1-4X in combat... not even once. I dont even know how it acts in combat (as my companion i mean). So i am right now going to find something for it to attack just to see what it does and how it works.

What is one of your character's companions you have yet to summon for combat even once?
My time card ends on December 5th. I have no intent to subscribe, let alone play, after i have completed all 9 episodes of KotFE. Likely i will subscribe for a single month to finish off the ''season'', play what remains and then say good bye to SWTOR until the END of the next season. Enjoy Bioware!