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From the announcement of Rise of the Hutt Cartel, some areas of the fan base, my self included, have been angered about the nickle and dimming that EA are doing, but the " expansion " as just made matters worse. This started when the cartel shop / F2P was released, this isnt a nee jerk reaction to one thing or the fact that its about $10 its about whats right and fair.

After watching the rise of the cartel coins vid, I goto say most of what they say make sense, so I goto ask is this turning into a P.R nightmare for the game ? and really do we subscribers have a right to be angry over $10 ?

Its fair to say there's a feeling of a lack of trust in EA / Biowear, we are being asked to pre order when there's little or no info on the forums and there's a LOT of questions about this " expansion " that need to be answered, this could be cleared up right here right now, if EA would come out and say " This is what your getting and you will need or not need the expo for the extra 5 lvls " But they wont.

So people are asking, What are they hiding most people are smart enough to smell a conn when they see it, add in EA track record and that is why people are angry, its not about $10, its about the P.R mess that EA find themselves in, It went from Subs wont pay, to Hmmmm wellllll We dont know, to Give me your money, RWZ was another mess that EA landed itself in its all down to poor communication, something EA as struggled with over this last year.

So the question for fans is, Do you trust EA enough to give them your $10 and do you think its fair that we cant use cartel coins to get the Expo ?

All most fans what is more information, then we can say this is fair or not, untill that info is out there, most people will rage stamp there feet arguing or defending the latest P.R mess, this only hurts the game, but questions need to be asked over this one more P.R mess that swtor finds itself in, due to a lack of thought and a money grabbing attitude.
I thought we went through this already. You arent beeing nickled and dimed. You got a free sub month last summer. For you to be nickled and dimed you would have to give them an extra 3-4 euros/5-6 dollars.

Its fine to disagree with the way the expansion is setup, but you are NOT beeing nickle and dimed. Saying that ruins whatever point you're trying to make.