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@ Driveinns & LordSkyKnight

Please, all am asking is that we can have a semi honest and upfront discussion about this, Can we please, keep the personal attacks away, I dont wanna see another topic like this locked as it just turned into another, am right no your wrong thread, I have no problem with people if they wanna debate the whys and if nots, but please cant we be adults for once, rather than mad men just screaming insults at each other, all it dose is make BOTH sides look like morons.

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So it obviously is about the price, always has been and always will be with you lot now matter what spin you try to put on this.
You are contradicting yourself way too much to be taken even remotely serious, you started off with accusations about nickel and dime and then stated how the price isn't really the issue here, seriously?
The nickel and dime reference was for the cartel shop, thats when it started, wile the feeling of nickel and diming just carry's on, for me I dont feel nickel and dimed over the " expo " as I wont be getting it, what i dont like is the thought that I might have to get it if i wanna carry on playing, when I dont agree with how EA handled it
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