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I think you should speak for yourself. I'm a subscriber and I'm not upset.

$10 is nothing, I paid for the game, I pay for a subscription every 6 months, I pay for a high speed internet connection, and I paid for a computer to mash it all toghether into something enjoyable... AND I can still afford $10 one time for more content than a years worth of updates... AND I'm very happy to pay it.

You people need to get some perspective. If they gave it to you for free and said "there you go, that's next year's content, see you next December" You'd be throwing a fit again. But as it is, you're going to still continue getting new free content all year an you get this for only $10. If you can't comprehend that this is not unreasonable I seriously question how you can even comprehend the task of playing the game.
I'm glad you took the time to read the thread, or even just the post just above yours before commenting...

As you can see, there are quite a few people who DO NOT share your point of view. Of course this game has its die hards and if BW said give me $100 tomorrow or we delete your toons, they would comply. But this game also now has a huge f2p community, lets call these people your healers and your tanks. And without this infusion of people who do not think this game is worth paying for, our servers go back to pre ftp levels of suck.

Keep that in mind.