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12.30.2012 , 10:03 AM | #23
First off Hi there, I have been playing the game since Beta, bought the digital deluxe and subbed for a few months until Real life issues came up and I had to Unsub, until then the game was fun, not perfect but I enjoyed it.
Now that things are settled i came back and played as a free player for a bit but decided to sub to get my "complimentary" cartel coins. I don't post much but wanted to chime in on this issue, (in lieu of staring a new thread )

In my opinion, to please the maximum amount of people I would have handled it like this
"Expansion" Price should be $29.99
NOW, if you have subbed, you will get a discount lets say $3 off the price for every month you have subbed. Now obviously if you have been here all year then you would get it for free, but lets say you have only subbed 6 months, that is $18 off so now it would cost you $11.99
From here you would have 2 choices, pay the balance OR use any Cartel coins you have to pay for the rest.

Additionally if you wanted to throw in a Pre Order scenario of 50% off the price would still be $15.99 and the same rules apply, only in this case if you had subbed for 6 mos you would then be getting it free but again if you had only subbed say 2 mos you would then have to pay $9.99 or use cartel coins for the balance.

Maybe throw in some goodies as well like mount, title, pet..etc but this is optional in my opinion

Either way you are rewarding people that have supported the game, so they feel appreciated, and possibly making a bit of cash on the new players that recently started playing and giving them a *CHOICE* on how to purchase the content cause lets face it, people get angry when they feel they are being forced to do something that is not fair, and in this case I can understand it.

Now this is just a hypothetical situation but the way I see if if you were here from the start you shouldn't really have to pay for the "expac" because well you made your investment by purchasing the boxed product at full retail or digital download and then subbed for a year (or however many months), but I understand they are desperate to make money, I can only hope that they stop shooting themselves in the foot and take advantage of the few opportunities they have left to turn this ship around.