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I look at it this way, on any given sunday, the any dog can have his day.

There are so many variables that come into who wins and who loses it's not even funny.

Is it just a random encounter with an average jedi vs an average mando or smuggler, or trooper, or imperial guard or just joe schmoe. Yeah it could go either way.

Is the mando trying to capture the jedi. Did he prepare the battlefield, is he lying in wait, does he have traps within traps, is he kitted out for it. More often than not, jedi is going down.

Could jango or boba fett catch somebody like luke skywalker. Yeah i think they could if they carefully prepared and had an airtight strategy with plenty of back-ups, plans within plans with a lot of leeway for different responses, yeah i think they could do it.

It's all about strategy, tactics, how well you can counter abilities, if you prepare the battle area ahead of time.

again OP, you are asking for an absolute based on so many variables, it's impossible to calculate. Can it be done? Yes. Will it be done, well thats up to a lot of things.
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