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Quote: Originally Posted by sumuji View Post
It's a game
It's $10
It's 100% optional

Please, step back and re-evaluate what is imporant to you enough to have a hussy fit over
I don't think you understand the long term consequences of a business decision like this. Not just in terms of where it leads the game as for future content updates, but how these kinds of decisions shape the KINDS of players you have left.

F2Pers are likely NOT going to buy this. I think it's safe to say that if you are playing this game f2p, won't sub, then it's likely you won't spend $20 for such a small amount of content. That means that a lot of the people that were infused into this game to help with things like queue times and grouping and leveling WONT BE THERE. Even the ones that decide to keep playing the game and just not buy the "expac" the ones that don't quit, they'll still be below the level cap and unable to queue for content.

How many players on each server do you think will actually be at 55? It will be like those of us that hit 50 4-5 days into the game, you had no one to group up with and were bored as heck, but now that will be the standard. There are few enough fifties as it is, there will be fewer still 55's and all the problems from before f2p and server merges will come rushing back.

TLDR: Putting another wall, especially a paywall, to getting players to max level means fewer players playing and much fewer players playing at max level. But not only charging but not allowing to even pay with CC and charging so much, they all but gauruntee that the number of people at 55 will suck. Bringing back all the problems from before the great merges and f2p brought more players to our servers.