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Black Sun is created after the Sacking when CSF was overwhelmed by rioting and chaos which several prominent gangsters used to join together and seize control of several neighbourhoods in the lower levels to develop spice and weapon trafficking. Soon there influence spread beyond Corusant and became a galactic crime syndicate, it is head quartered in Black Sun Headquarters in the Lower Ganglands region in Black Sun Territory

The Justicar Brigade after the Sacking when CSF pulled out and ex-Republic soldiers formed a militia with the intend to defend there neighbourhood but after confrontation with other groups they took harsher steps to take control. They seized a abandoned CSF facility as ther base and named it Justicar Tower

The Exchange deals in spice smuggling, extortion, weapons trafficking, slave trading and bounty hunting. They maintain organised cells on various worlds of interested lead by a single boss who in turn reports to sector chiefs,who don't have cells of there own and operate under secret identities, even the bosses did not know the identity of the chief since communication goes trough secret secure communication channels. The sector chief reported in turn to the Compeer, who is the head of the Exchange. It is often locally represented by sham fronts