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Subscribers who had been told for a long time to anticipate Makeb as the biggest content update of the year were told in the last month that:

1. Makeb is now delayed until next year.
2. Makeb is no longer a content update. Makeb is a paid "expansion" subscribers pay extra for.

They then had the audacity to re-imagine their life-day event as a $24 cash-grab which had no content or artistic redesigns of any area whatsoever. No event.

Then they were told that the developers had left for the year on vacation. So bugs introduced earlier (such as the Frogger of doom being missing in TFB or TFB HM's last boss having completely borked adds) can not be fixed until next year.

To close out the year they made a thread all about how awesome they were and asked us to all share our favorite memories of the 1st anniversary of the game celebration. There was no celebration. No in-game event. There was only so very very much nerd rage.

So yes, subscribers are upset.
I think you hit on an important point that a lot of people are completely over looking.

Not only is this content that we as subscribers are being asked to PAY for when before hand it was considered a simple content update. But now on top of that it has been moved back, we have no firm release date, only a target season, which at the SOONEST would be three months from now. Add on top of that that subs won't be able to even use their cartel coins to buy the patch... er I mean "expansion TM." It's easy to see why it's a bit much to stomach quietly.