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12.30.2012 , 02:00 AM | #20
The Xenotech Field Medic Headgear dropped for me from Malgus in SM FE. It looks the exact same as the enforcer one.

I've been doing a few SM FPs lately trying to get the xenotech enforcer or field medic jacket, and from what i've seen of the boss drops your table isn't too accurate, it seems to be almost totally random. I've seen heads, gloves, boots, and pants all drop from Serevin and Malgus. Xenotech does drop from most of the bosses except red reaper, but i'm not seeing any particular order to it. No weapons that I recall from end bosses though.

P.S. Saw Xenotech War Leaders Chest drop from Serevin, BoI, SM. I'm startin to think the entire xenotech loot table is completely random and almost all at last boss in SM FP.
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