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I'm running around 38% crit. As for Charged Burst, obviously only with 100% crit proc, and as for timing, hmm, part of standard rotation is Wounding Shots - Furyy of Bolts - SpeedShot - Furry of Bolts - Wounding Shots, so if by any chance I finish first WS at full or close to full energy I'd rather use Charged Burst instead of FoB. This might happen if i pop Illegal Mods or Cool Head prior to WS
yeah, thing is i dont pop illegal mods or cool head before a WS, i use it to pop orbital without dipping in energy in any way and to weave it in my normal rotation.

my rotation as hybrid basicly is, interrogation probe (the energy dot), corrosive grenade (the 21s internal), rifle shot(flurry of bolts), corrosive dart(18s internal) then i do cull, rifle shot, series of shots(speed shots), explosive probe(the... uh... probe ), cull. then repeat. up untill series of shots again, afterwards i use shatter shot(armor reduc, and explosive probe is off of cd) cull then repeat.

now to drop orbital i replace series of shots for orbital (same cast time, and immidiately pop illegal mods/target acquired afterwards. no energy wasted and same cast time.) now if orbital is off cooldown again i pop it inbetween corrosive grenade and corrosive dart (it postpones my cull by a gcd, but its better due to not losing series of shots or explosive probe/shatter shot) then after cull i pop adrenaline probe (cool head) and use snipe with laze target (charged burst) then series of shots and continue the normal rotation. otherwise i'd bleed energy.
now one thing i could do after rethinking it is to drop energy probe for orbital instead of series of shots with the illegal mods. since series of shots is preferred over energy probe. more dmg (same type of dmg) and higher crit rating.

anyway, point out to whatever it is im doing wrong. like i said im normally not hybrid ^^

i'm normally lethality cause its superior to hybrid for raiding so i'm really not experienced with hybrid, and it shows, since i've deffinately made mistake's.

now i also tried that day lethality in an laggy fleet with the same bufs/grenade's and whatnot and got to over 2100 only over 4 minute's unfortunately. i bleeded energy which i couldnt recover because of the lagg. when i used my dot it procced GCD (thus i thought it had hit) without proccing the ability. so it went into lingering and i think it even missed the time after that because all of the sudden i just saw 1 dot on the target -.- so if the 2100 was 5 instead of 4 min i would've posted that. so i think ill just do another lethality someday to get 2100 over 5 min. prolly when i got my gear completed. to give people an idea where different sniper/slinger specs stand compared to other classes.

now the difference between lethality and hybrid on the dummy is only about 50 dps. yet the reason why i think lethality is superior over hybrid for raids is the devouring microbe's talent(works on poisons, internal effect of cull and even the corrosive injection) now thats about 50% of the dmg i do. so its a ~150 dps gain on anything below 30%. and during these raids you have to move quite alot, now if you have to postpone cull as hybrid, you're screwed. cause you will run out of poisons on the target during the 2nd cull in your rotation. while as full lethality you can just run onto your lingering toxins. because having to reapply poisons before using cull is a DPS loss. and ofcourse, the linger poisons does help alot with energy regen.

for example on the tanks in nim i can keep both dots on both targets(thanks to lingering) while keeping the full effect on the target i focus on.(so i dont loose dps on that target), which gives me an insane energy regen. which is nice because you arent able to use cull onto targets in the shield (due to the aoe hitting the shield) and you have to use snipe/ambush/SoS. and due to both poisons being on both tanks i can just go beserk there.(the dps both focus on a different target in our guild, i'm always on the one with the bomb) and i just trail abit behind a carnage marauder while im able to keep up with what annihilation is pushing.

Quote: Originally Posted by MoJozor View Post
Clearly you havent taken into account the energy consumption of those CB.

I never said AS deals more dmg than CB, but that i prefer it more.
And this is the reason why :
-Your 3 CB added 33 dps to the total of your dps for 60 energy
-My 2 AS added 27 dps for 30 energy
Because of that loss of energy you probably sacrificed some Shock charges , you had 76 ticks in 5 min, and i had 92 in 5 min ( equivalent of 95 in 5 mins and 10 sec). And we both know Shock charge is to be prioritized over CB.

I know your parser is alot better than mine but it certainly isnt because you used CB instead of AS.
Thanks to your parser i know where i need to improve but using CB is not part of the improvement.
But i do appreciate you taking the time and explaining why you would choose CB.
you're both right to a point. it is thanks to CB, ofcourse, dont use it when you start sacrificing things for it, thats a loss. the same is with lethality. after SoS (speed shots) i generally use ambush, but if im lucky with DoT crits or something else i can use snipe with laze(charged burst with the buff) and then use rifle shots(flurry of bolts) which results in a small boost of dmg.
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