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I think this encapsulates what I find maddening about this critique of the JC story. In absolutely no case is the decision solely about whether to kill or shield the master.
I didn't say that individual planets didn't have their little subplots and complications. Every class story experiences this. These subplots are baseline, and for each class they serve an overarching plot. The overarching plot is what I'm criticizing - for the JC it is incredibly repetitive. I compared it to the BH's story because that story also has a repetitive overarching story. This kind of story is naturally boring, and I think BH Act I is one of the weaker stories because of it, but it is still better written and more interesting than JC Act I.

Sure, the subplots can be fun, and you're right there are some interesting decisions in there, but a good subplot can only go so far when the main story is tiresome. For most classes I've played I've found the overall class story much more interesting that whatever side adventures I have on planets. The fact that these subplots are the HIGHLIGHT of JC Act I is a problem. Not saying they don't have their merits, but they don't somehow fix the poor execution of Act I's main plot.

I do however, I still LIKE Act I. But I'm not gonna pretend it's well-written. I like lots of crappy things.
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