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12.28.2012 , 11:05 PM | #254
Clearly you havent taken into account the energy consumption of those CB.

I never said AS deals more dmg than CB, but that i prefer it more.
And this is the reason why :
-Your 3 CB added 33 dps to the total of your dps for 60 energy
-My 2 AS added 27 dps for 30 energy
Because of that loss of energy you probably sacrificed some Shock charges , you had 76 ticks in 5 min, and i had 92 in 5 min ( equivalent of 95 in 5 mins and 10 sec). And we both know Shock charge is to be prioritized over CB.

I know your parser is alot better than mine but it certainly isnt because you used CB instead of AS.
Thanks to your parser i know where i need to improve but using CB is not part of the improvement.
But i do appreciate you taking the time and explaining why you would choose CB.