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12.28.2012 , 09:14 PM | #253
Quote: Originally Posted by MoJozor View Post
I will always go for aimed shot rather than charged burst
Then you will always score less than you can

My Charged Burts - 10k total, 3 uses times 1.44s, so 2315dps - higher than my overall dps = increases my dps
Your Aimed Shot - 8.5k total, 2 uses times 2.4s, so 1771dps - lower than your overall dps = decreases your dps

Not to mention my ChB will always crit with 100% ratio, while your AS critted 50% so more than its supposed to in longrun, making its dps even lower than i calculated (counting main hand, as offhand crit ratio is insignificant)

But since you won't take math for an answer, who am I to teach you