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12.28.2012 , 06:31 PM | #1
I've been playing for almost a week now and currently have a level 13 Jedi Sentinel. I've played a few Heroics now and would like to go back and attempt The Essesles as I've not played any Flashpoints. Now, I'm aware that the number of people who have attempted this Flashpoint far outweighs the number of people who haven't, and those people are going to want to spacebar through all of the stuff I'll want to see on my first go. Is it therefore best to solo Flashpoints like this first? If so, how many levels above should I be? I understand (from the Wiki) that The Essesles is for 7 - 10 characters, so could I solo it when I get to level 15?

Also, is it still the case (as was written in an old forum post I discovered) that I can get jedi robes from The Essesles? Everyone else seems to have some and it's a bit depressing being the odd one out.