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I didn't mind act 1.

But Act two is probably the most disappointing act on the Republic side.

I thought the attack on the separatists, aka 'Rift Alliance' was a Republic 'false flag operation', basically attacking people trying to leave and trick them into think the Empire did it, but no it was the Sith, for some reason that I am still not clear they decided to kill rather then send diplomates. I played the Empire Classes first, all of which dealt with the politics of the nation in some way, often very shady, and I thought the JC would do that as well. But it didn't they was no twist no traitors, no one who felt the Republic had let them down once too often, no the spy was the child of the Emperor ( I was playing JK as well so I knew what it was), with some unknown power to conceal itself. It was just a black and white morality piece and got boring very quickly.
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