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I like the JC story alright, but there are some pretty obvious weaknesses.

I think the main one is that while the Act I of all the classes are repetitive, the JC is the worst offender. Sure, everyone has the same general thing, and each planet has a twist and fallout to deal with, and usually ends with a big moral, character-defining decision. For the JC, that big decision is always the same - to shield or to kill. Moral decisions help me color my characters - give them nuances that make them more interesting. So not only is the story more boring because you're always being confronted by the exact same decision, your character is more boring as well.

You could say that the BH, like the consular, is confronted by similar decisions a lot - whether to kill their rivals/bounties or not. And while the literal decision is the same, the circumstances never are. Some of your enemies are jerks, some are comical, some are nice. So while my decision-type was pretty consistent, my decisions weren't and my character gained that nuance that I enjoy. For the JC every decision involves an innocent victim and the decision to self-sacrifice - so what you decide to do with the first Jedi master is what you'll do for the next, and the next, etc.

Further, while I didn't play a DS JC, the motivations behind playing one are pretty much limited to comical evil insanity. Not saying it's bad to play a cartoonishly insane character (my SW is one), but my SW story also lends itself to calculatingly evil, brutal but honorable, etc. Since the JC is consistently handed the exact same moral decision, and the DS version of the choice is EXTREMELY DS, it is difficult in Act I to play a gray or slightly dark JC that makes sense.

Also, there being no repercussion for taking the LS choice really detracts from the story IMO. Shielding master after master became a non-choice when I didn't actually have to sacrifice anything, and made a boring decision even MORE boring. I can understand they didn't include any drawbacks in anticipation of a lot of crying, but I think they should have tried. Hell, what you go through on Voss was a great example of a minor drawback they could've used.

So while I like my do-gooder Sage, and enjoyed Act II and III well enough, Act I really is poorly written. It's good in concept, and personally I don't think it really starts to get boring until after the 3rd planet or so, when you're practically done. I actually like it better than JK Act I, since while the decision is boring, it felt more Jedi I suppose.
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