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The Chevin Conglomerate is the main government of Vinsoth and has many underworld connections but prefer to stay neutral between the republic an the Empire.A rank that exist within is High Acquisistor

The City's Municipals Authority is the government for Corusant and is located in the Municipals Authority Building , it is headed by a Mayor.

The Grandmaster Council heads the Gree Enclave and is based on Gree. They oversee all Gree worlds and are the final authority on political matters. Below them are Grand Council's (one for each planet) which send representatives to Gree to sit in the Grandmaster Council.

The Tree (composed of 3 members) are the main governing body for the planet Voss and the species Voss and work from the Tower of Prophecy where they make policy decisions and coordinate the Endless War of Voss against the Gormak as well as interpreting the visions of the Mystics and there diffusions (they based there decisions on these visions)

The Ancient & Honourable Union of the Tion Hegemony is doninated by the House of Tion

The Chiss Ascendancy has it's capital in Csaplar on Csilla and is ruled by a Oligarchy from House Palace. The Chiss Parliament is made up from democratic elected members from each of the 28 colony's and thakes day today decisions, more complex issues are deferred to the Chiss Cabinet (a executive assembly of 28 governors) and the Ruling Family's