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Don't want to be rude or anything, but I'd say the shared trees tend to be the classes' best dps trees atm:

Marauder: Rage (arguably the best PvP choice now and viable in PvE as well)
Jugg: Rage (completely superiour for PvP, and I think PvE viable as well)
Sniper: Lethality (completely viable for both)
Operative: only exception, but there aren't many dps ops anyway.
Merc: Arsenal for PvE, Pyro for PvP.
PowerT: as a rule of thumb, Pyro all the way (AP has some niches in PvP, especially Huttball)
Sorc: Madness can work for PvE, Hybrid (or Madness, though less common) for PvP - heal/bubble Hybrid doesn't count as it's a heal/support build first
***: Madness is perfectly viable for both PvE and PvP, and is more Hybrid friendly than Deception as well.
Agree in part, while rage/focus needs no attention and is viable for both, there are flaws within some of the others, though I would say none are any worse then can he seen in non shared--

Lethality: resource usage on a sniper and awkwardness of ranged/melee hybridism for an operative (needing melee for upper hand procs)

Madness-- decent but a bit resource hungry in pve and cleanse-vulnerable in pvp

Pyro- I'm a good place for pts still but could use something to add a tick of mobility to mercs
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