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12.28.2012 , 12:29 AM | #4548
The Reid quote from a while back, about how the reason they arent in the game is because they needed more time to 'really do it right' was just absurd. Not sure if I read that guy isn't around anymore or not, certainly wouldn't be surprised if he isn't (hard to keep up with everything going on these days), but all the talk about needing 'more time' to do the 'writing' and the 'cutscenes' etc is flat out untrue. The romances are in the game. Our ability to play them is not. We dont need, or want, special new writing or cutscenes to explain why XYZ character likes us, we just want to enjoy the same romances everybody else can, the exact same way that they do, we want our characters to be treated the exact same way everybody else's are. There's nothing remotely complicated about that.

It cost them more time and money to keep the SGRs out of the game in the first place, the reason folks like Skyrim and Fallout NV and DD and DA2, etc. let you romance anyone you want is because its EASIER to do it that way. There are so many ways that this topic gets taken in bizarre and complex directions, but there's nothing remotely complicated about it. That Reid fellow's quote read as if he wanted us to believe the romances needed a complete rewrite in order to let us play them, complete with whole new cutscenes, etc. Either he's unfathomably ignorant, or he thinks (or hopes) that we are, but neither of those are the case. We never asked for anything other than the ability to romance the same characters everybody else can, the same way they do. That doesn't involve rewriting anything (except possibly a pronoun here or there, that may or may not be necessary, I wouldn't know for obvious reasons), it just involves getting rid of the gender check that prevents us from romancing whoever we want. Its something they could include with any patch anytime they release a new patch. People who try to make it sound more complicated than that are generally folks just looking for excuses not to have any SGRs at all, or at the very least as few as possible. Its not complicated, its never going to be complicated, and anyone who tries to fool you into thinking it is has an agenda, its really just as simple as that.

I don't want to just focus on the negative, so I'd like to add a positive idea that I had recently. We know they're going to add new characters at some point, and I have a suggestion for one for the Sith Inquisitor. To avoid spoilers, lets just say, there's a female character in that storyline that gets trapped in the body of a monster, it would be pretty cool if you could do a quest that lets her find a new body, and then you could romance her. Having the option to choose between romancing her or Ashara would be mighty awesome, they're quite the contrast, and both are well developed and interesting characters. Things like that would add tremendously both to the storyline itself, as well as replay value. Hopefully they'll take that into consideration once they finally get around to continuing our Class Storylines, that'd be awesome.