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It's usually a matter of selling for more than you spent making/gathering items. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's not quite so easy. If you can craft, look at the schematics you have and search for them on the GTN and see how much they're being sold for. If you can make them rather cheaply and sell them for a good sum, you'll have plenty of credits.

My armstech vanguard and armormech commando managed to make some money making weapons out of the massive amount of desh/silica I'd accumulated scavenging while running class missions on Coruscant, then RE'ing them into augmentation components and making augmentation slot kits. Mk-1s, but people bought them and the only real expense I'd made for them were routine repairs to armor while adventuring so the profit on that was pretty high. It let me buy some pretty good custom gear off the GTN.

My armormech made some more money while increasing the armormech skill building various armor items. He's now able to RE items into mk-3 components and make a mk-3 kit from them. Handy since the guides to increasing your armormech skill recomend building 10 of a certain item. That's enough for 1 augmentation slot kit of the appropriate level.

My armstech is building barrel mods to increase her skill level, so no kits out of that. Found a few custom-built schematics and am trying to sell those. Will have to see if they get purchased or not.

Also, if you can build something for other characters in your legacy for less than it would take to buy off the GTN, build those items and mail them to the other characters. My cybertech got armoring and mods to the other characters as they were starting up. Helped a bit.
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