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12.27.2012 , 11:42 AM | #112
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This for me along with other kind of stupid pricing a la:

Item X priced @ 10,000 credits
Item X priced @ 9,999 credits

And so on.. i mean honestly, does that ever work? Cos if i need something and just have to use the GTN and checking the prices i see that crap i will always buy the more expensive one as if people honestly think their massive 'discount' draws buyers, eh..
Believe me that works... I have been playing AH's since they created them (I think i said that before) and I have seen prices go for example 1,000 - 999 - 998 - 997 - 996 etc... and while you might appreciate the quality and buy the higher priced item that has better craftmanship... most people sort by price and buy the lowest item...

so yes... the massive discount does work... you must be the exception that proves the rule
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