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I play a lot of war zones and the class that I've noticed which is the most troublesome are the smugglers. They seems to have a never ending supply of CC'S and they do tons of damage.

As a BH healer I have two CC's. THe lightning dart which I can use during combat and concussion missile which will stop working if I damage them. How many do they have? DO they need the CD increased?

Also, my in combat CC will shock them for four seconds. It seems that when I get CC'd by a smuggler and am out for twice as long.
Reading this statement angers my inner scoundrel. I do not play my scoundrel anymore since the later "changes" after 1.1.1. I was still good with the scoundrel after, until like around 1.3... then I was done.

Let me be clear, and you understand what I say... Scoundrels only have 3 CCs, and that is only IF they spec for it, and only IF they are stealthed and only IF they are behind you, and only IF their cooldowns are not active and only IF they are next to you.

Ok, a little generic, but this is what is happening to you...

Shoot First - Must be spec'd for it, must be stealthed, must apply the "buff" and must be next to the target from behind. Stun 1.5 seconds. Changed from 3 seconds. With a slight cool down, when before there was no cooldown. Also debuffs target for significantly less than it was.

Nut Cruncher ( I forget the move), 4 second stun. Have to be in melee to use, and on a pretty long cool down, considering the range. It used to stop you from moving due to the animation, now you can continue to move.

Flashbang (again, forgot the name) AoE sleep. Lasts for 6 or 8 seconds. It used to have a cooldown 4 times of that of the Operative, but later changed to mirror them. It breaks on damage.

Oooh I almost forgot,,, the sleep dart. Only used in stealth, lasts for 8 seconds? and breaks on damage. If you use the sleep dart and shoot first, your resolve bar fills to max... hurts more than it helps with that combo because you lose out on a potential 4 second stun.

Also, scoundrels have to try to not use dots (shoot first has a dot) as it interrupts the sleep moves. It is impossible to be "stun locked"

So please be a little more educated before pushing out responses as uninformed as you gave.