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Admittedly these changes would put the Mission Support Vendors for modifications largely out of business, but so what. They're basically out of business anyway, as they're in the same boat as crafters--the game is handing you better stuff for free or very little play to get, so why would you blow dailies on those items. Those vendors need to start selling better poop or get another job.
I agree with this. As each successive tier of gear was released, the gear on these vendors should have progressively improved (and not just updated relics, but all the armoring, barrels, hilts and other items). I also think they should have phased out Tionese commendations as part of the daily / weekly HM missions and progressed the commendations earned there as well.

If they had done so, and if crafters had been able to craft and sell progressively better gear as well, they would never have had to just hand out free gear to 50s as there would be lots of crafted and vendor stuff available at various quality levels / price points.

And just to come back to my thoughts on legacy gear and bound mods, while I still think it is a dumb system (though I too take advantage of it), it still needs some changes to balance it one way or the other.

Either they remove it entirely or they let us send anything bound to alts. Right now no hilts can be sent nor can any relics, implants or ear pieces. Not to mention only people who participated in the Rakghoul event can send barrels and crystals. This isn't balanced.

Maybe they add a new credit sink / legacy unlock which grants the ability to send bound items within a legacy. Maybe it becomes a separate credit sink like removing mods, such as X credits to change the bind from character to legacy.

At a minimum though, if they keep this in place as it is today, they need to add legacy weapons available to all and which include weapons with hilt slots.

Oh and for the alt-o-holics (of which I am one), I'd gladly give up the sending bound mods in legacy gear if I could get true legacy leveling gear that was decent looking, stat specific (not class specific), and auto leveled with my characters.