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12.27.2012 , 12:59 AM | #16

I would say gearing up alts through Legacy is one of the major functions of the Legacy system. Whether moving mods around that way was initially intended or not, it's very clear that they like that functionality and all its advantages. By the time they did the 2nd world event, everybody knew of this function. What did BW do ? They introduced Legacy weapons as rewards, adding the ability of moving two types of items that couldn't be moved before, barrels and crystals.

Also, having decently geared up alts means more choices and easy ways of getting a group going. Sometimes we're just one short and all we need is 1 more, doesn't matter what role. We just reshuffle accordingly. Without having alts with good gear, bunch of raids would have been canceled

All this is made possible because of the state of end crafting as we have it now and because of the Legacy system.