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Heya! I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday. Happy Boxing Day to my Canadian friends.

Few things I wanted to address:

First, the whole, "BioWare doesn't know what's going on," statement. That is just incredibly silly in my humble opinion. I think they know exactly what is going on with that content and refuse to say a word. Shoot, they talked about Guild Ships recently, so I think their game plan is set.

Secondly, "A few cut scenes then done." I've actually done the OGRs in ToR, and that's part of the reason why I'm fighting for SGRs. It really added a lot for me personally to my experience, especially when carting around Kira or Vector. I thought they were well done and a lot sweeter than I would have thought. It's up to the player to decide if they are worth it or not. I believe the pro-SGR community should have the chance to experience the content was promised.

Third, "Just RP it." Um, no. It's not fair nor right for the players to have to roleplay this. Plus, it's not the same with another player as it is with a companion. Unless the people involved want to roleplay that they are Vette or whatever. Why should SGRs be treated differently from the romance content of the game? Would anyone ask someone to just RP OGRs if SGRs were the only ones in the game? Makes zero sense to me.

Fourth, "Why did you buy this game if they didn't have SGRs in it?" This is just my thought on it. I personally bought the game because my husband enjoyed it and it looked like fun.

Why did they buy it anyways? Simple, they didn't think they would wait over a year just to even know if it was answered. And if anyone has played a BioWare game in the last 10 years, they'd know that it is really apart of the game. This is very different from the way BioWare has treated its customers in the past. This does seem to be par for the course for EA, but I won't get into that.

Fifth, "Just remove all romances." That wouldn't work. Every BW game I've played has had romance options, except for maybe Icewind Dale. So it really is a part of the way they write the stories. Plus, as it has been mentioned, this only comes up when we talk about SGRs. Along with the requests for romance filters.

If someone doesn't like the romance options, they can ignore them. The pro-SGR community wants the opportunity to not only romance the toon they want, but also to ignore the minion if they so choose.

In the end, this is about getting any answer at all. I don't know about most of the posters here, but I wouldn't be complaining regardless of the answer. That's a rather dumb excuse. If this is a primarily adult audience, then they should treat it like such. They shouldn't be afraid of players complaining nor backlash from extreme family groups. They've dealt with both in the past.

So that's what this thread is mostly about now. Trying to get any sort of answer from BioWare, so people can know what to do with their playtime. It's gonna be a busy weekend for me.

Again, if anyone is still trying to write to the press, please let them know that it isn't about why this has not made it into the game yet. This isn't about why it may never come to pass. This is about flat-out demanding an answer from BioWare about this. Makeb is available for pre-order, so we should start getting an answer.

I really hope they address this by the first week of January before I get irritated again. The last time I got irritated with BioWare, I kicked off the email campaign.

Which is still going on my end. Doup begged me to take a few days away from this and it has done me a lot of good. However, I haven't stopped nor will I until BioWare-Austin bucks up and tells us what the hell is going on.

Off-topic: If anyone is going to play DA: O, I'd recommend a rogue unless you want to wait til you get past the scenes in Ostagar. That's when the first rogue and female SGR shows up. However, if you want an all girl party, you'd need to roll a tank unless you want to take your dog around.

And Palar, thanks for the link! I got some great gear out of that and I'll have more stuff for DA2. If anyone is going to play/replay DA: O, make sure you stop by the site linked.