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I just had to quote this for emphasis, as it's much clearer than your original post. And with that clarity: I agree, I think that crafting really should be like this. I have some similar suggestions, but I'll make another reply for those.
Agree too, only thing I would add is some kind of fix for the Cartel Market, I really am upset that the new upgrades to ship are so easy to get no point to craft them at all the cost of crafting is too high compared to what you can pay and get off the market. I would also suggest some kind of fix for armor making skills too, other than augments, there is no point to sythweaveing and armortechs with the able cheap supply of orange gear of the market. On Shadowlands, everything but Revan's mask and the white clown face are going for cheap. The dancer outfits can be had for 2k full set. I don't have a Armstech but I would assume he is in the same place too.