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I'm gonna make an argument for keeping the current system of sending bound end-game mods through Legacy Gear to alts.


SWTOR was marketed as being a "story-driven" MMO with a heavy emphasis on leveling multiple alts. It was never designed to appeal to the raid oriented segment of the MMO population like its contemporary, Rift.

Unlike almost every other MMO, you simply cannot experience the majority of what the game has to offer if you only focus on a single "main" to the exclusion of alts because the core differentiating design conceit of this game (class stories) are locked to specific classes.

1.2's introduction of the Legacy system simply reinforced alt leveling as something the Devs wanted players to do. Leveling an alt to 50 simply makes leveling the next one easier, through the self-application of multiple class buffs, XP boosts, Inheritance/Birthright gear given as Chapter rewards etc.


Once all my companions are fully kit-ed out in full Columi or Rakata and even BH gear, what am I to do with the extraneous gear/coms? The game does not provide any means to exchange the gear/com rewards I receive from running ops and HM FPs for anything useful to me other than gear that I either already have or is lower tiered. Even as a crafter I can't RE most of the mods/shells I get for useful mats unless I have multiple alts with the appropriate crew skills.

Without the ability to send bound mods to alts to RE into useful mats or a way to spend coms/tokens for things that benefit me, there is no incentive for a geared player to run T1 OPs or even HM FPs thereby reducing the pool of available players; something that is already a problem with the "low" overall game/server population sizes even after the mergers.

After a certain point, even BH coms don't buy much of anything that is an upgrade (ex. Hazmat Implants/Ears @ 350 BH coms/piece don't provide a sufficient stat upgrade over a Rakata piece to be a must buy to anyone but a true min/max'er, especially at that price.)

Finally, simply having extraneous bound, end-game mods in sufficient quantities to gear up an alt must mean that the player must have already done the content multiple times in order to acquire the mods in question.

Hopefully that also means that the player should be sufficiently acquainted with the fights to perform other roles (or the same role with another class) with some level of competence or at least familiarity. At the very least it would make it easier to run KP and EV over and over again learning the nuances of how their newly minted 50 performs at end-game.


SWTOR has never been a game that emphasizes hardcore end-game raiding. Why should a player who has already experienced most/all of the endgame content be subjected to the full gear grind for each of his alts that he has already experienced on his first character? The player has already paid his dues.

Even though transferring mods is an unintended consequence/perk of the legacy armor system, the rest of the game increases the rewards for each new alt a player levels. What's so wrong about continuing that trend with end-game gearing?