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As much as I agree with you, some people just can't pass up the opportunity for some eye candy. It's fan-service pure and simple on BW's part and I'm sure the men/lesbians appreiciate it.
Uh, yes. While wandering around the Republic Fleet I sometimes find myself stopping to, er, appreciate that sort of thing.

(It's amusing how these outifts cover less skin area than the default underwear for female characters and provide armor and stat bonuses as well.)

(I wish there was a "strikethrough" option, but I already tried a code that works on other forums and it didn't work.)

Re: Darth Barras (thanks for the name, I'll roll up a Sith Warrior sometime to see for myself) in an eye-candy outfit
That would be hil~arious. We already have some invisible orange gear for that, now all we need are some slave-boy loincloths!
Oops, sorry for that disturbing mental image. xD
I tend to have a "meh" reaction to scantily-clad men. Unless its someone like Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies then my eyeballs melt and I have to wait for regeneration. Annoying.
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