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That isn't what I'm asking for at all. I'm actually asking for balance between crew skills while keeping crafting relevant without it taking away from top tier end game content.

It seems silly that right now I have low level cybertech and artifice alts who can craft current BIS items (63) and sell them on the GTN, while my 50 synthweaver and armormech characters cannot even sell the few Rakata (58) or lower items they can craft and for end-game gear are basically irrelevant.

If I was calling the shots, at this point in the game trainable schematics for non-BOP items would exist for everything up to Columi, schematics for Rakata would exist as drops, and from RE and comms, and schematics for BH would exists as drops or RE, with all requiring mats available through multiple sources.

However, schematics for DG (63) gear would only come from RE of DG gear with a very low chance for schematic, and would require rare mats that only dropped / came from DG gear RE.

Also synthweave and armormech would be able to produce useful items for all tiers, such as being able to craft a full piece of armor with mods or equal stats to armor with mods.

And lastly, legacy gear would no longer be capable of sending bound mods to alts.

BTW - Legacy gear was not designed as a way to send bound mods to alts, being able to use legacy gear to send bound mods to alts works because of the way the binding checks only look at the shell (along with Bioware being too lazy or unable to add checks for the mods).

If this was truly by design, wouldn't they just make all gear Bind to Legacy?

I mean why stop with just being able to send mods...why not allow sending of non-moddable armor, relics, implants, and earpieces to alts as well?
I just had to quote this for emphasis, as it's much clearer than your original post. And with that clarity: I agree, I think that crafting really should be like this. I have some similar suggestions, but I'll make another reply for those.