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That sounds like it would be relatively easy to at least get an aproximate value of.
Eh, it's bit harder than that because there are a lot of weird variables involved, like whether the attack is AoE or ST, has any stuns involved, requires special conditions, what its range is, whether it's a DoT, variable CDs (HiB has a 15 sec CD, but it can be reduced to ~6-7.5 for some specs based on procs), etc. Common outliers like Project (with exceptionally high cost and low default damage) coupled with the general smallness of the actual number of attacks (compared to similar systems I've dealt with like what City of Heroes/Villains operated with) in game means that simple averaging is going to have some really skewed results or have a very small data set.

I've kind of figured that I'm probably going to have to just compile most of the information myself. It was an outside hope that someone else would've already done it or something similar by now (thank the Force that I don't have to deal with family around this time of year, lol).
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