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12.24.2012 , 11:54 PM | #8
1. Someone gave me the outfit pieces and the mods to put in them at low level (Elegant Loungewear set rather than the slave set, but I imagine they aren't that different from each other).

2. It's better than what my companion was currently wearing.

3. Getting replacement mods is cheaper and easier than buying new gear (friends I play with can craft what I need and do it for cost).

4. Most of the outfits I've encountered in game thus far look like crap on female characters (hooded robes that make them bald, outfits that don't unify colors properly, robes that make their butts look huge compared to their waist line, etc.).

I'm not too crazy about the color on the Elegant Loungewear set (way too much white for my tastes), but I can hide the head slot so they aren't bald, the colors do unify properly, and they don't suffer from thunder butt like they would if they were wearing a bath robe.

I'm sure there are some decent looking outfits in the game later on, but from level 1 to level 20 (as far as I've gotten thus far) I haven't found anything that I think looks decent (and the things that look kinda decent are way out of my price range so far).

No doubt some peoples' reasons vary, but there's mine. Take it for what it's worth to you.