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Yes this absolutely. Scoundrels and Operatives are far too overpowered. They have insane burst damage as well as ridiculous sustained dps. They can heal. They can tank. They can DPS, heal, AND tank at the same time. My Operative actually tanks better than my Trooper, and can also outheal anyone on my team while also topping the damage chart. We also have far too much CC for just one class. It's like we have the advantages of 3 classes, and no disadvantages. Scoundrels/Operatives is as Alpha-class as it gets, folks, and needs nerfing ASAP.

I was once a part of an elite team of roaming Stun-locking Operatives, and just 2 of us stun-locked the entire enemy team of 8 for 5 minutes without interruption, no joke. The two of us were teaching the rest of the stunlock crew how to do it so they were mostly observing.

One of the most OP abilities we have is still a mystery to me as far as mechanics, but it definitely exists. It causes the victims to immediately drop what they're doing, login/create forum handle, and it either automatically creates a thread that follows a basic guideline that follows the tune of Nerf Operatives, or unsubscribes them. We're still figuring out the mechanics on that one and I'll definitely post here when we do. If only Bioware would release the solid metrics behind this obscure ability, it would help us figure it out faster.
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