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12.23.2012 , 11:59 AM | #4
Maybe you should go back and reread that last post, before you continue your complaints any further.

Single player games, you can customize to your hearts content. You are the only one who gets to look at the end product.

MMOs are about balance and competition. Even if -you- don't PvP, the game has to account for others PvP'ing. And unless they nerf everything so it all becomes exactly equal, there is no balance. Unless they can set all parameters, so a single saber, or a double saber, or dual wielding sabers... all deal exactly the same damage regardless, there will always be "the best way" to do something. And once people figure out "the best way" that rapidly becomes "the only way" to do something. Pretty soon, its not about if you wanted to carry 1 or 2 or doubles. The "only way" to compete with the rest of the game, is to use whatever gives the most bang for the buck.

And as was also explained... it takes animation effort to make your characters movements with their chosen weapon delivering each attack. You'd have to program every characters sets of attacks, with every weapon they could possibly wield. Or they'd just make very attack look the same. You know that Force Leap? Now you pushed a button, and your character just sort of blinks from here to there. You know what Spinning Slash? No, now you just stand in place and see several damage numbers scroll by instead of 1.