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You're adorable. I am spending some of my time here arguing on for the flexibility offered to players because I'm spending a little of my time playing the game. I find it enjoyable and want it to improve.

You calling anyone childish is ironic. When you came out swinging with arguments about consequences, buyer's remorse and ditching the pullups you clearly gave yourself away as someone who's looking for a sense of having made important decisions by using this game and what you apparently think is "tough talk" against people who aren't using the game to feel validated.

You're a loser not because your life is terrible or unimportant, you're a loser because you need your petty button presses in an imaginary game world to provide you with the sense of having made a serious decision. You clearly aren't appreciating your real-world life enough.

I hope you get better.
Hmm, you keep bringing up real life issues. Since you're the one that started all that that means you're either awfully defensive or awfully insecure..or both. Either way it's pretty pathetic, but I'm sure that's a word people have used to describe you on more than one occasion.

I like how you didn't even bother to rebuke any of my arguments about how being able to switch ACs would affect balance and class population. It's pretty straightforward, so even you should be able to understand it.

If you can willfully at any point switch your AC, then anyone and everyone would only play the AC that is currently considered stronger, barring outlying extremists and diehard masochists. E.g. if Powertechs are considered better than Mercs for damage in PvP (which they currently are), you would barely see any Mercs in PvP.

Essentially, you would kill variety, or at least severely cripple it. That's not a good thing. Of course, someone as short-sighted as you wouldn't be bothered to think about that because god forbid you have to relevel to play the class you "should've" chosen.

I understand your position though. You're wrong, but I understand.