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I'm curious. I see preposterous threads for Klingons v Sith, Jedi v Superman, Middle Earth V Star Wars, WOW v SWTOR, etc....

How come, despite the forums being hosted by Bioware itself, I never see Mass Effect v Star Wars threads? The possibilities are there & potentially endless:

Mass Effect v Star Wars.

Commander Shepard v. Revan v. Captain Picard

Sith Empire v. Reapers

Jedi v. Spectres v. Sith

The Force v. Biotics

Jedi Council v Citadel Council

Twi'Leks v. Asari

Zabrak v. Turian

Normandy v. Ebon Hawk

Blaster v Lightsaber v Assault Rifle

Why is this overlooked?
Because these kind of battle end in flame wars without any winner.
Here i demonstrait:

ME:The reapers can basicly destroy everything.
SWTOR: not true mass effect ships where primative comparing to swtor ships and we got the force we just ram those reapers into eatcher.
ME:No reapers are more advance the anything even you swtor toy ships in fact even human alliance ships are better.
SWTOR: not true you rely on mass relays to get around we use hyperspace.
ME: hyperspace is just as limeted as you need the cordance and it still takes hours mass effect travel is instant between relays.

We could do this for years and still get nowhere.
And this is when we still are trying to make sense.
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