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Quote: Originally Posted by Kurugi View Post
I love how confrontational you are over something that you say isn't "important".

Obviously this game is important enough to you for you to waste your precious time posting on the forums about it.

I also love how you make completely blind and blatant assumptions about my personal life (which have nothing to do with this thread whatsoever) with absolutely nothing at all to base it on.

So, not only do you contradict the absolute HELL out of yourself, but you're also a hypocrite. Congratulations. Maybe you should go spend more time with your wife and kids instead of posting on here about unimportant things.

The problem is, you see the ability to change AC only being used in one way: by people who have had a change of heart in there decision and would rather be able to swap on the spot instead of starting all over.

What you don't even take a single solitary moment to consider is people who would use this feature in other ways, like, I dunno, swapping ACs because the one they play just got nerfed and/or the other one got buffed. Yeah, that wouldn't make game balance a living hell to deal with, especially since all it takes to make people whine and complain and reroll is often the tiniest of nerfs. But of course narrow-minded people like you can't see past your own selfish concerns and wants.

I truly do feel sorry for you if you do have a family, because thus far all you've been able to show in this thread is that you act like a spoiled little child.
You're adorable. I am spending some of my time here arguing on for the flexibility offered to players because I'm spending a little of my time playing the game. I find it enjoyable and want it to improve.

You calling anyone childish is ironic. When you came out swinging with arguments about consequences, buyer's remorse and ditching the pullups you clearly gave yourself away as someone who's looking for a sense of having made important decisions by using this game and what you apparently think is "tough talk" against people who aren't using the game to feel validated.

You're a loser not because your life is terrible or unimportant, you're a loser because you need your petty button presses in an imaginary game world to provide you with the sense of having made a serious decision. You clearly aren't appreciating your real-world life enough.

I hope you get better.