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One aspect I think was great from SWG was that every class in-game had a senator and their job was basically to represent their class. They would be in direct contact with the developers and they would compile a list of changes that the communities would like to see done with that class, as well as various other ideas for the class.

I think this would be a great idea in SWTOR and I'm confident there would be people out there who are dedicated to their classes and would take up the role of a class senator. There could be candidates who are known by the class communities for providing helpful guides and who really knows their class well, and there could be votes on the forums to elect the best candidate. The elected class senators could even get a cool title in-game.

I just thought this would be a decent idea as the developers could work directly with the senator and see what the communities want for their classes going into the future, be it cool armor ideas, class mechanics or anything else.
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