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Dear BioWare, EA, or whomever runs this 'game' now:

I can't tell you what i really think of this new Video, because that would likely get me 'warned' or 'banned'.

But since you claim to be "listening", here is some constructive feedback from a devoted STAR WARS fan and longtime *Subscriber* of SWTOR (with no plans of least not until Star Wars 1313, Elder Scrolls Online, or SWG-2 comes out) , for whatever that is 'worth' to you at this point in your "business plan":

1) This type of Video is, at best, misleading to new players...and, at worst, insulting to the intelligence of those of 'us' who have remained subscribed since Early Access Launch over a year ago.

3) When C-3PO watches these types of Videos with me, he always utters the same phrase: 'Delusions of Grandeur'. - I would urge you all to look up exactly what this phrase means and do your best to avoid emulating it from now on if you hope to salvage whatever is left of BioWare's (and SWTOR's) 'reputation'.

4) Speaking for myself and others like me: These types of Videos do NOT make 'us' want to play the game nor purchase anything associated within the game's Cartel Market (only the prospect of *rare* items do that) . Instead, the Video serves as a disappointing reminder of what this game could have been (and still can be) .

5) From now on, if you really truly want to 'promote' this game with authentic enthusiasm: Start making Videos discussing/showing things from that 'WALL OF CRAZY'. You needn't worry about "making false promises" or whatever, because a) That 'perception' is already a reality at this point...and b) Desperate times call for desperate measures (as opposed to desperate-looking Promo-Videos) .

6) Ask LucasArts immediately to allow you guys to use all the 'Cartel Profits' to re-hire the people from BLUR STUDIOS to do something ANYTHING regarding the future 'direction' of this game.

Thanks, good luck, and i hope this post doesn't prevent you from considering my Guild's application on the 'Community Guild Spotlight' thread.

regards, Nee
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