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Its not worth it to most players to attempt to "steal" a recipe.

Am I going to spend 1.2mil on an enhancement in an effort to try and learn it? Since it's 10% chance, I should set aside 12mil to learn this one enhancement.

Then I can maybe make a mil a day if I sit on fleet all day and not actually play the game. While that actually isn't a bad plan if it goes like that, the reality is that 95% of players do not have cash to fund this risky start-up. Nor do they have the patience or free time or desire.

Sure maybe some people are stealing the recipe but it has got to be a very tiny number of people. If there are 50 people with the power/surge enhancement recipe, are you really going to suffer if that number goes to 51?
It's not 10 but 20%. And it's always worth it. Money spent on learning schematic always returns itself.