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Yes because the Republic has such amazing control of their homeworld the senate tower nearly gets destroyed by a bunch of low life crooks that's much more impressive right?

I do agree the whole slave rebellion thing is just as pathetic but gameplay / story segregation is your friend here.
Only took a handful of lowlife crooks (albeit well trained lowlife crooks) stealing jet airliners 3 hours to take down the world's largest financial infrastructure and change an entire planet's agenda. No comparison between the two because this is just a game. Life however can be as strange as (though endlessly more indelible than) fiction, so anything is plausible in the realm of gaming when presented right. After all, we are talking about science fiction here. I personally think TOR's story presentations are pretty amazing.
If you once enjoyed the game but no longer do because of changes that were made, then you owe it to the game, yourself and others in your same situation to be not just heard but acknowledged and fully understood.

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