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Yeah....that's not looking so good. Needs to have that ring and straps look. Especially important to fix ASAP when you are trying to sell this for RL Cash in the shop.
They are not selling the SWTOR Revan outfit in the shop for RL Cash. They are selling a chance to get one or more of the three pieces of the SWTOR Revan outfit for RL Cash. There is a big difference (and it's much worse if you look at it as it truly is).

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The oversized shoulder thingamajig ruins the chestpiece for me. Needs to go back to the original look.
I couldn't agree more. They poofy shoulders ruin pretty much every item they've been placed on. The KOTOR look was definitely the better of the two and I might've been willing to pay extra cash for the KOTOR look. I still wouldn't pay real money for a chance of getting it, but I might have paid for it directly.
"..Rise of the Hutt Cartel continues your character's story....No class specific storylines, though I know you guys are going to love what RotHC has to offer."
Funny. I thought the implementation of the Cartel Store was the Rise of the Hutt Cartel. And no, I do not like what that story has to offer. I keep getting screwed in it.